Facsimile Murat Germen

Cities may seem to grow only upwards, but they actually accommodate two different worlds: First being the obvious Überland, the city over the ground level; and the other Unterland, the underground. Even though soundly developed metropolises have a very intricate and large underground infrastructure, the most lived, experienced and perceived urban world appears to be the one above: Überland. Unterland is usually ignored, misperceived, underestimated and not particularly pleasing by many; since the times we spend in the Unterland is usually temporary and we do not reside there.”

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Didn’t have a seizure OR a flashback

Feels so fucking good to be sober at a concert! Spoon rocked my face off

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People on this website need to stop taking themselves so fucking seriously

OOTD brought to you by me trying to impress cute girls at the spoon show, but then realizing everyone who likes spoon is over 30

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Spoon was amazing



From a little impromptu shoot at Hoodbush
Photos: Shawn Wilkinson
Bike: Kyle Mulligan

Shovelhead, and Tiffany. Two great combos 😻👌

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White cis privileged men aren’t the problem. Society is